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A contributing soul to Vancouver music culture for nearly a decade, Filipino/Canadian artist Kardias Quing offers a message of love and sovereignty to their community.  Through collaborations with fellow Vancouver producers, they have cultivated and continue to create a repertoire that uplifts, and empowers.  Influenced by Indie, R&B and Alternative Pop, their creative efforts cut through the woes of modern distraction, and bring us all back to our infinite possibility.


“I attended one of Kardias Quing’s shows with Avant-Garden September of 2022, and it was an absolutely magical experience ✨. It was at a beautiful rooftop venue with a wide open space and lots of room for dancing! Kardias Quing’s performance was amazing - the music was beautiful, they had a great band and violinist playing along with Kardias Quing’s angelic voice. Her stage presence captivated the crowd as she serenaded everyone with the sun setting in the background, just all around good and positive vibes :)”

- Krystal

“Watching Kardias Quing live is like a big, warm bowl of soul food.  Treat yourself!”

- Naomi 

“I’ve known Kardias Quing both as a fellow musician, a photojournalist, and as an audience member. Without tooting the horn too much, I’d wager not many individuals have sponged up as much of what she offers the listener more than I. In a time when uncertainty and doubt campaign for residence within our souls, her message of love and connection are the instrument of a champion evangelist charging deep into the fray.” 

- Noah Byre

"I feel moments of over arching happiness- rushes of serotonin and intense love for everyone and everything around me via your music. The energy always transcends and hits home."

- Cass



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