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About the Tour

Back in the 90’s - when my family moved to this country from the Philippines, we didn’t have very much. During our transition to Canadian citizenship, we relied on the Port Moody SHARE community food bank to help us whilst we were settling into this new adventure. Fast forward to the present and I’m filled with gratitude for what this wonderful resource was for us and is for the people who rely on them. Everything is energy and in motion, so I am using what I have to offer to pay it forward.  

LOVE IS ALIVE is my summer tour that will take place in the month of June.  33% of profits will be distributed evenly to the food banks of each region I perform in.

(See links below for more details)

I will be travelling with my guitar through Vancouver Island, stopping off at a few of my favourite spots, visiting new ones and ending off with a homecoming show in Port Moody, to bring you uplifting songs through an intimate acoustic experience. 

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